Monday, July 19, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Last night I was reminded of all the simple pleasures in my life that make me happy amidst the noise and chaos of the day. Here are just a few:

- A single, grande, hazelnut, nonfat, no whip mocha from Starbucks (a real Starbucks not one of those in a grocery store or book store because they really don't taste the same no matter what people try to tell you). I started drinking a hazelnut mocha years and years ago because it reminded me of the hazelnut cocoa we drank every morning at the youth hostel we stayed at during my semester in Germany with my college. Actually anything that mixes hazelnut and chocolate makes me happy - nutella, tofifays, yummy mousse.

- Climbing into my bed at home. Years ago I followed Oprah's advice and bought nice sheets for my bed. We also got a really comfortable Tempurpedic mattress that is still one of my favorite purchases ever. So I have an incredibly comfy, cozy bed that makes me happy every time I climb between the sheets.

- A funny or encouraging text from a friend. Whether to plan for a play date or just to share a laugh about something we saw, I love being able to "talk" to my friends. It is the quickie of friendship that helps sustain me until I can sit down face to face with my girlfriends.

- Picking up a new book I have requested from the library, especially if I have time to start reading the book right away when I get home. I love the promise of a new book and really love getting a book for free from the library. Making a list of books to request also makes me happy because I have something to look forward to as I wait for my turn to read the book.

- Putting the last of the laundry away. I like the feeling of accomplishment I get from finishing the laundry. I know there will be more tomorrow, but for that moment, I am all caught up and have taken care of my family in a very tangible way.

- Hearing my kids laughter. As I am sitting here writing, my boys are all playing together and making each other laugh in a loud belly aching way. I am not sure what they are doing or if I will be happy with the mess they may be making, but I love to hear them laugh together.

- Seeing a comment on one of my blog posts always makes me smile. I know I write for myself, but I really do get a kick out of knowing that someone is reading this and also that what I wrote makes sense to someone else.

So what are the simple pleasures in your life?

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  1. A comment from your friend... love these - I like the laundry one; I feel a great sense of accomplishment when it is done. Glad you are home and looking forward to catching up tonight. I will be late, so save all the good stuff for when I get there. :-)