Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Fun

It has been so long since I have posted, I actually had to sign into blogger. I knew I would be less likely to post in the summer because I would be busy with the boys and the sun would cause my brain to take a vacation. I had no idea I would not be posting because we would be too busy having fun.

So far the boys and I have done all the traditional things of summer in the Pacific Northwest. We picked berries, enjoyed a neighborhood barbecue and legal fireworks on the 4th of July, played with water squirters and sprinklers, hung out with friends all afternoon until the dads came and forced us to go home, got goosebumps from the cold at the ocean on what was supposed to be a 90+ degree day at the coast, and have lazed about as one should in the heat of summer.

It has been a wonderful break so far, apart from the swim lessons which were wonderful except for the changing back into street clothes afterwards. That often resulted in raised voices and privileges being lost left and right for the last two weeks. If not for having to shower and change afterward I would love swim lessons and all things pool related but those 20 minutes afterward, standing outside the boys' shower stalls in the family locker cycling from bribery to full out yelling for the boys to hurry up are the bane of my summer. Thankfully we have finished our two weeks and the boys are all deemed safe enough which is great because tomorrow we head to the inlaws lake house for a week.

This will be our first big airplane adventure as a family in over 2 years and also Little One's first trip to MIchigan ever, which means we have not been there in 4 years. My husband is a seasoned business traveler so you can imagine all the fun we will be having tomorrow when he gets into travel mode and forgets that we are all with him. I am totally stealing his Bose headset and letting him sit next to Little One who loves to talk and ask lots of questions. I am also looking forward to lots of relatives loving on the boys and my sneaking off into the background to read books and maybe hit a coffee shop for the wifi when I start to get internet withdrawal.

So hopefully in a week I will have some new stories of summer fun or family drama.

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